About Us

What is Pajamify?

– The act of putting on sleepware such as pajamas, footed onesies, tank & sleep shorts, and other loungewear.

Why Pajamify?

It’s hard to beat a comfortable pair of pajamas after a long day of work. Pajamification (the art of changing into pajamas) is something we all embrace, or you wouldn’t be here, looking for comfortable pajamas.

We’re dedicated to making shopping online for pajamas convenient, quick, and enjoyable!

Why Buy from Pajamify?

Secure Payment

Your order is processed through Amazon.com’s checkout. By using Amazon’s checkout, we’re able to offer the security of Amazon.

Order Tracking

Know where your pajamas are from the time you buy them to the moment they reach your door.

Fast Delivery

Because we rely on Amazon to process your payment, you can also benefit from your Amazon account including paying with gift card balance, earning rewards with your Amazon.com credit card, or by selecting 2 day free shipping.

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